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Cancer Treatment

Best Cancer Hospitals of India for Advanced Cancer Treatment in India

MyMedOpinion Affiliated Cancer Hospitals deliver highest quality and advanced Cancer care in a supportive and compassionate environment to all our patients.

MyMedOpinion Affiliated Best Cancer Hospitals in India offer:

Multi-disciplinary approach - A team of Surgical Oncologists, Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists and other medical specialties work together to treat each Cancer patient.

World's most skilled and knowledgeable Cancer doctors are now in India with vast experience of working in highly advanced cancer hospitals in USA, Europe and other advanced countries around the globe.

Latest high-end medical technology - such as Brain Suite, PET Scan, CyberKnife , Gamma Knife, IMRT and IGRT that help in quick diagnosis and fast recovery.

Heart Surgery

World’s Class Best Heart Hospitals in India

MyMedOpinion affiliated heart hospitals in India to deliver 98-99 percent and above successful outcomes for heart surgery.

MyMedOpinion Affiliated Best Heart Hospitals in India offer: -

The ultimate destination for international patients who want affordable Heart Surgery in India

World's finest Heart Hospitals are located in India with 98-99 % success rate for most procedures.

Latest and Best available techniques globally like Robotic Heart Surgery, Minimally Invasive Valve & coronary Heart Bypass Surgery, Primary and complex Coronary Angioplasties and Stenting.

Low Cost & Affordable Treatment Package - Cost of Surgery just 1/6th of cost in USA, UK or Europe with finest quality implants, prosthesis and consumables imported from Leading International Companies.

Orthopaedic Surgery

Affordable & Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery and Joint Replacement Surgery in India

MyMedOpinion Affiliated World’s Class Orthopaedic Surgery Hospitals in India offer:

India has become a hub of thousands of people across the world who are seeking highest quality orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement surgery.

The low cost of orthopaedic surgery and joint replacement surgery in India is without any compromise on quality or success rate.

Many orthopaedic surgeons in India have super speciality academic qualifications and training in the UK, USA, etc.

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are English speaking, and thus no language barrier and Best Orthopedic Hospitals in India are designed to provide complete patient care and care for the attendants- coffee lounges, money changers, travel desks, wi-fi zones etc.

Specialized rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, to help patients return back to normal activity soon after the surgery

Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery from Best Hospitals & Best Doctors in India

Why should you choose to get Indian hospitals offer the best spinal surgery treatment in India at affordable prices. MyMedOpinion associated best spine surgery hospitals in India have the latest technology and infrastructure to offer the most advanced spine surgery at low cost.

MyMedOpinion Affiliated Best Spine Hospitals in India offer:-

Comprehensive management of spine disorder from birth defects to degeneration of tumor and trauma.

Dedicated team of International trained and vastly experienced Spine Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Neurologist, Physicians and Physiotherapist.

Expert evaluation of spinal problems by dedicated team of experienced spine Surgeons, Rheumatologists, Neurologist, Physicians and Physiotherapist.

Latest Generation Diagnostic and Imaging facilities including dynamic digital X rays, Spiral CT scanning , MRI and Electrophysiology unit all under one roof.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation by experts after the surgery help you regain functional abilities quickly helping in vastly improved overall results.


World’s Class Brain and Neurosurgery Hospitals in India

Neurosurgery in India is a very good option for abroad patients seeking low cost and safe surgical treatment for the correction of their disorders. Medical tourism in India provides very good assistance to international patients for their comfortable treatment in India.

MyMedOpinion Affiliated Best Neurosurgery Hospitals in India offer:-

Indian doctors are known all over the world for their skill and knowledge and have the experience of studying and working at the best neuron surgery hospitals in the world.

Most advanced Technology Infrastructure - Advanced laboratory and microbiology (infection control) support, advanced cardiology, DSA and interventional radiology, portable and colour ultra-sonology, Liver Fibro-scan, 64 slice CT scanner, 3 T MRI, PET-CT and nephrology.

Neurosurgery Hospitals in India are equipped with the latest and high end technology.

Cost of epilepsy surgery in India at best brain surgery hospitals in India are very low as compared to the cost at best hospitals in America or UK with the same level of care and services.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery at World Best Hospital in India

Benefit from India's World Class Hospital's internationally recognized medical and surgical expertise, now used by a large number of overseas patients to discover a new look, a more healthier and vital persona.

MyMedOpinion Affiliated Best Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals in India offer:-

Top Class US and UK Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, with decades of working at Global centres of Excellence

World Class JCI and NABH Quality Accredited Hospitals that have state of the art technology, infrastructure and Facilities for a most comfortable stay

Infertility Treatment

Male and Female Infertility Treatment – MyMedOpinion Affiliated World's Best Hospitals in India for IVF, ICSI and IUI

At India's leading IVF Clinics we have a scientific approach to diagnose the cause for infertility. Our IVF center has state-of-the-art facilities for (IVF), In Vitro Fertilization and fully functional laboratory for diagnostic and therapeutic tests. The world class facilities along with competent staff have enabled us to achieve an outstanding success rate. Hundreds of International Patients who travelled long distance to India have benefitted from the expertise of renowned Indian doctors.

MyMedOpinion Affiliated Best Infertility Treatment Hospitals in India offer: -

One of the world's leading destinations for IVF procedures

Success rate in excess of 60% for women in some age groups

Latest World class technology and IVF specialists of great skill and experience

Significant Cost Savings with very affordable treatment packages

Specialized Modern hospitals with highly competent and experienced IVF doctors

Urology Treatment

World Most Advanced Urology Treatment in India at MyMedOpinion Affiliated Hospitals in India

Latest World's Best technologies with the healing touch of experienced hands, Indian Hospitals bring the best -in-class patient care within your reach. Painless procedures, assured relief and a success rate that compares favorably with the best such facilities in the World.

MyMedOpinion Affiliated Best Urology Treatment Hospitals in India offer: -

Most advacned facilities for advanced Laproscopic Urological Procedures.

Minimally Invasive Surgeries for Kidney stone, laser prostate surgery-no pain , no cuts.


Laparoscopic / Minimally Invasive

Most Advanced Laparoscopic / Minimally Invasive Surgery at World Class Hospitals in India

Laparoscopic or Minimal Invasive Surgery is a highly specialized technique for performing surgery of abdomen. Compared to traditional open surgery, patients often experience less pain, an earlier recovery, and less scarring with laparoscopic surgery.

MyMedOpinion Affiliated Laparoscopic / Minimal Invasive Surgery Hospitals in India : -

In laparoscopic / Minimal Invasive the size of the incisions are much smaller, as a result risk of bleeding is reduced to a considerable extent.

In laparoscopic / Minimal Invasive surgery, the person feels less discomfort after the operation. In most cases the person who is been operated goes home the very next day of surgery.

Exposure of the internal organs to external contaminants is much less in laparoscopic surgery, therefore reducing the risk of post-operative infection

All Treatment Procedures





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We are MyMedOpinion and we take pride in introducing ourselves as a virtual facilitator of all medical treatments in India.MyMedOpinion offer free, no obligation assistance to international patients to find world class medical treatment in India.A large number of people from all over the world are now traveling to India for best medical treatment like Neurosurgery , Heart Surgery, Spine surgery , Orthopedic surgery and Cancer Treatment in India and other major surgeries. India offers an unmatched cost and quality advantages because it has world top hospitals and globally trained and experienced surgeons across every specialty.




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Welcome to MyMedOpinion. We offer free, no obligation assistance to international patients to find best medical treatment in India. MyMedOpinion offers low-cost, world-class medical treatment & surgery in India, coordinated by a team of experienced service industry professionals. A large number of people from all over the world are now traveling to India for best medical treatment like Heart Surgery, Cancer surgery, Spine surgery , Urology surgery , Orthopedic surgery in India and other major surgeries. India offers an unmatched cost and quality advantages because it has world class hospitals and globally trained and experienced surgeons across every specialty.

Whether you are considering cervical disk replacement surgery, brain tumor surgery in India, heart valve replacement surgery, or prostate cancer treatment in India, we offer support and services to facilitate the care you require. We can help you find the Top heart hospitals in India, Urology treatment in India, or best and top cancer hospital in India.

The first step to help us find affordable orthopedic and joint replacement surgery in India, transplant surgery in India, weight loss surgery in India or heart surgery in India is to email medical reports for an opinion from leading doctors in the country. We will send you an expert medical opinion and estimate for the cost of your treatment from at least three leading hospitals in India. Once you decide, we help you schedule appointments, apply for a medical Visa and make the arrangements for your stay.

Please post a query on our website to know about treatment options at top India hospitals. We have assisted a large number of foreign patients to get affordable, excellent outcomes for hip surgery in India, knee surgery in India, cosmetic surgery in India and breast cancer treatment in India, when seeking best heart treatment in India, best cancer treatment in India, best spine surgery in India, or another major surgery and treatment.

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