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Minimally Invasive Spine Laminotomy Surgery in India - Laminotomy Surgery at Best Spine Surgery Hospitals in India


The word laminotomy originates from the Latin terms lamina - the bony plate covering the posterior arch of the vertebra and otomy - the act of cutting or making an incision. A Laminotomy is a minimally invasive endoscopic approach to opening the spinal canal. A laminotomy does not require the use of general anesthesia and it can be performed in a surgical outpatient setting.

A laminotomy is performed to relieve pressure from the spinal canal for exiting nerve roots and the spinal cord. The procedure is performed with an end goal of increasing the amount of available space for neural tissues, and releasing entrapped nerves. A laminotomy can be used to treat bone spurs, pinched nerve, spinal stenosis, disc problems such as a herniated or bulging disc, excessive

Types of Laminotomy:

Cervical - Removal of part of lamina in the neck portion.

Lumbar – Removing the part of the lamina in the lower back

Sacral – Abstracting part of the lamina in the back between your hipbones.

Thoracic – Removing the portion of lamina in the middle part of the back.

Laminectomy is recommended when:

• Traditional treatment like physical therapy, or medication fails to improve or alleviate symptoms

• Suffering from muscle weakness or numbness making standing or walking difficult

• Experiencing loss of bowel or bladder control

In certain cases, laminectomy may be necessary as part of surgery to treat a spinal disc herniation. The surgeon may need to remove part of the lamina to gain access to the damaged disk.

Laminotomy - The Procedure

After the patient receives a local anesthetic, a small incision is made in the back and a round Depuy tube is inserted into it. Gradually, a small series of tubes are placed over the initial tube slowly increasing in size to make an opening for access to the spine. The final working tube will be about 18 millimeters in diameter which the surgeon will use to insert the laser, camera, suction, irrigation and other surgical instruments. With this minimally invasive method, the muscles are pushed aside instead of being cut or torn.

A laminotomy is an endoscopic procedure and not arthroscopic. The difference being that arthroscopic surgery requires inserting the tubular instrument into the joint, where endoscopic covers surgery with the same instrument being placed anywhere outside of the joint.

After the working tube is in place the surgeon can begin the procedure. Many patients that undergo a laminotomy will feel instant relief as the surgeon releases the entrapped nerves. Symptoms of back and leg pain are resolved by decompressing the spinal canal.

When the surgeon is finished with the procedure the tube is slowly removed, allowing for muscles to naturally shift back to normal positions.

Laminotomy and Laminectomy differences

A laminotomy is a procedure that can be used to remove the ligamentum flavum. Spinal stenosis has been attributed to this ligament located in the spinal canal. It can naturally thicken to the point that it begins to compress the spinal cord. When a laminotomy is performed the ligament can be removed, freeing or releasing the affected nerve(s).

A laminectomy is classed as traditional open back surgery that requires the patient to be placed under general anesthesia. In a laminectomy the lamina is removed to increase the amount of space available for neural tissue.

FAQ - Spine Surgery and Treatment in India

You may want to ask some questions before your treatment begins:

What conditions does laminectomy treat?
It usually treats a condition called spinal stenosis. It is a condition wherein there is nerve impingement due to bone spurs, calcium deposits, or thickened ligaments. In the process of laminectomy, these structures are removed, freeing the nerves.
How is the Laminotomy different?
A laminotomy is a surgical procedure that is used to relieve pressure off the spinal canal for the exiting nerve root and spinal cord, increasing the amount of space available for the neural tissue and thus releasing the nerve.
When is surgery necessary for patients with spine problems?
Surgery for conditions associated with disc disease is necessary when patients continue to be symptomatic despite all conservative treatments. Generally, patients try conservative treatments for between 2 and 6 months. If after this trial of conservative treatment patients continue to have severe pain, surgery is an excellent option. Surgery becomes "necessary" when patients develop signs and symptoms of progressive nerve damage ie, increasing muscle weakness or worsening nerve damage.
Which is the Best Hospital in India for treatment of Spine?
India has not one but many better than the best hospitals for Spine r treatment. Mail us your medical report and we will find the hospital most suitable to treat your medical condition.
What are the benefits of getting Spine Surgery in India?
Spine Hospitals in India are equipped with the most advanced medical treatment. They have the most extensive Spine -diagnostic and imaging facilities including Asia’s most advanced MRI and X-rays technology. Personalized care and attention is provided with value added services besides results of world class standard at a very low cost affordable to all sections of society.
Is it safe to get Spine Treatment and Surgery in India?
The medical fraternity in India is famed for excellence, and leads in Spine surgeries. Thousands of Spine operations are performed in India each year with maximum success rate, making the safety obvious.

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